Friday, February 27, 2009

Savannah with Rosco the Clown.

Thursday, February 26th.

Today Rosco the Clown was scheduled to visit Savannah's pre-kindergarden class. The teacher notified the parents that each child was to have an adult accompany them to school on Thursday. Rosco was only scheduled to be in the class for an hour and afterward the children were going to be released to go home. This is why an adult had to accompany the children.

As Tina had to work, Wilma accompanied Savannah to school. She was very thoughtful and took the camera with her. Many of the parents forgot their camera's including the teacher. Wilma assured them all that we would email all the pictures to the teacher and she was free to hand them out to every child.

As the teacher introduced Rosco, the fun was about to start.

Everyone had so much fun that Rosco ended up staying over an hour and a half!

You can bet that memories were made today that will stay with these children for a life time.
Way to go Rosco!

Another adventure in our lives. Be safe and God Bless.

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