Sunday, March 29, 2009

Diamond & Spurs

Last night Wilma and I went to Diamond & Spurs to see Jeff Tuttle perform.

Jeff is originally from Monroe, MI, and moved to Nashville, TN. He is a song writer/singer of country music. This in itself is a rarity as most song writers can't sing. But this man can sing!

Diamond & can I describe this place...I'll try so you can picture it.

First off, we knew approximately where it was located, but never being there before didn't know exactly. As we were driving within a mile of the location we kept a close eye on all the business signs. No sign. what. Wilma says, push the OnStar button and ask them. Well Duh, why didn't I think of that instead of getting stressed out.

So I pulled into a party store parking lot, pushed the OnStar button. After a few minutes a gent was in the process of "trying" to locate Diamond & Spurs. Even after I gave him the city and state AND the street it was located on. I just needed the address! Was put on hold then in a couple minutes was disconnected. So I pushed the OnStar button again. This time a gent answered that knew his job and sent the directions to my car. We were within a mile and a half of our destination.

Arriving we understood exactly why we could not find it in the first place. It is located inside of a bowling alley. The bowling alley had 2 adjoining large rooms each with its own bar and dance floor. The first one we entered into, the waitress didn't know who the band was that was playing. We kinda figured that as they were just "setting up" the age generation of the band was not who we were coming to see. Out we go to the other adjoining room, and yes this is the place we want to be as the DJ was playing country music and gave a lesson in country dancing. We were assured that we were in the right place by a young lady sitting at the door, who we found out later was Jeff's wife.

As we were early, there were plenty of tables available. We picked one close to the dance floor and within easy site of the band area. We enjoyed the several couples country dancing, and reminisced when we used to do those dances. What fun we used to have!

We also commented to each other how "run down" and "old" the building was. We didn't feel it was "worthy" of a great singer from Nashville! We were aware of his music from his web site, and Wilma wrote him informing him that we would see him perform Saturday evening.

Ten minutes before he was to go on stage to perform, he came over to our table and introduced himself to us. He made us feel ever so welcome, and treated us like we were his best friends that he knew all his life. He came across as a very easy going, humble man.

We enjoyed his performance and songs so well that we decided to purchase his CD during his break. That's when we became aware that the gal sitting at the door was his wife, Michelle, as she was selling the CD's. We had a pleasant conversation with her for at least 15 minutes.

Jeff Tuttle signing our CD.

When we left to go home, we decided to stop and get something to eat. As it was then 12:30AM, I was ready for a "Big Man's Breakfast"!
We stopped at Dimitries, and yep I ordered the "Pork Chop, eggs, hashbrown BIG MAN breakfast". Mmmm Goood. Wilma had a great Turkey club sandwich.

Another adventure in our lives, so until next time, be safe and God Bless.

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Did it MY way said...

Nice to have a "date night" out. Glad you enjoyed it.Gotta love country music.