Friday, March 13, 2009

Cable Service

Well, Mom & Dad FINALLY did it. They switched from Comcast Cable to Wide Open West (WOW) Cable.

My brother Ken and I have been telling them for over a year now to switch.

With Comcast they just had the television service. They had their phone through the "rip of specialist" AT&T. Now they have their TV and Phone through WOW Cable.

Being in the age generation as they are, the whole internet thing scares them. They just can't understand how they can now talk on the same phone, using their same phone number, (which they have had since they were married some 61 years ago) talking over the internet, and it sounds just like AT&T.

I went over to program their tv remote control yesterday evening. They were using an old generic remote that was pre-programed to the Comcast channels. They had lost the instruction booklet that came with the remote, so I asked them for the original remote. Dad went through his strong box and found the remote. They are truely amazed at how many MORE channels they are receiving with WOW then they had with Comcast.

When I left, Mom was really happy with the decision, Dad was a little skeptical. But I'm sure he will start to enjoy the change in a matter of a few days. .... Well....actually I know he will when he gets the first bill and realizes how much he is saving every month.

I still can't believe how easily it is to please them.

Just about an hour out of my life to help them. To show them how easy the remote is to operate compared with what they had. And, as I drove away, I know they both will sleep better tonight as they won't lay awake worring about their decision to change.

Such a simple thing for me, but so complicated for them to understand.

I'm blessed to be able to help them, to return just a little of what they gave me all their lives.

Another adventure in our lives. Until next time, be safe and God Bless.

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