Monday, April 13, 2009

Too Much Happening for One Week

Another week gone, and the "adventures" we are experiencing is starting to feel overwhelming!

Sunday, April 5th. I received a phone call from my "ol" partner's daughter. She informed me that her dad, Earl had passed away. He was 75. The family was devastated not expecting him to pass away as he did.

Earl was a kind, quiet, good natured man. I first met him when I was hired at Chrysler Defense. This was in 1980. We worked side by side 5 days a week for 14 years. He retired in 1994 at the age of 60. This year he just turned 75, when he passed away.

Lung Cancer had finally taken him. He was pronounced cleared of the disease months ago after going through chemo and radiation. His daughter said he complained a few days before his death, of a pain in his shoulder. Re-admitted to the hospital, the Dr.'s found another tumor. He passed away just a few days later.

Last summer was the last time I talked to Earl. I stopped by his house to see him, and return to him his old shop coat. It had been hanging on a nail in the parts building since his retirement. I just somehow felt I had to return it to him. Kind of as a joke, so we could both reminisce a while.

When I drove up to his house, his wife Jean let me in. "Earl is in the back room" I was told. I entered and found him running the vacuum. When he saw me a smile broke out on his face. He turned off the vacuum and I asked if this is what I have to look forward to when I retire! More laughs. I gave him his old shop coat. He was amazed I had kept it this long. I told him the only way we could keep it is because I told the other workers that your shop coat had "super seniority" and it was not to be touched! More laughs.

I stayed about a half hour. Had to get back to work, as I was just on a my lunch break. Who would of thought I would never see him alive again! Monday, April 6th, was the last time I saw him. Resting peacefully in the funeral home. God rest your soul, Earl, you were a good man. The best "partner" I have ever had the privilege to work with.

Tuesday, April 7th. Grand daughter Rebecca's 9th Birthday celebration! Time to have the family gathered in the home, to enjoy ourselves and celebrate her special day.

Everyone had a great time and she especially enjoyed her gifts. Seems the cards with the "Cash" inside were her favorites. Happy Birthday Rebecca!
PS: Nice tattoo on the arm kido! :~)

Wednesday & Thursday I had been calling several Cement Contractors to replace the sidewalk that is lifted by the Maple Tree roots. The judge gave me 120 days or I would be in contempt of court. That magic day is May 8! Gotta get this done now. Lined up 4 contractors to come over to my home on Saturday, look at the job and give me a bid. Another contractor came on Thursday and would "get back with me with his bid".

Saturday came and went. None of them showed up or even called. Damn I hate it when people set up a time and then stand me up. Inconsiderate, &#$$...they must think they are the only ones with a life. Nobody else counts. Needless to say none of them will get the job from me now!

Easter Sunday, April 12. Happy and blessed Easter to all! The family arrived around 12:30. Grand kids all hyped up for the festivities. First, we eat lunch, Na-Na & Pa are starving.

So grab a plate, fill it up, and dig in! More than enough food to go around. Mmm Good.

Then the "Famous Easter Egg Hunt" commenced.

Each of the 5 Grand kids had different colored plastic eggs to find. Scattered out in the yard by Easter Bunny Na-Na. What a great time everyone was having. Each egg had either a small amount of candy, or coins inside. Na-Na (Easter Bunny) was pretty generous this year. I'm sure they will have fun finding something to buy at Meijer or Walmart.

The festivities were just about to a close, when the phone rang.

Our neighbor, just three doors down and well known, passed away this morning. Wow! Another death. Seems that Joe had triple by-pass on Good Friday. Surgery was successful. Joe told his family on Saturday that he was feeling great and that this Easter would be great having the family together. Little did the family know, that that was the last time they would see their father and husband alive!

Then a little before 4am a massive hemorrhage occurred in the chest. They (the medical staff) didn't even have time to rush him to the OR. The opened him back up in his room to stop the bleeding. Loosing too much blood, Joe passed away at 4am Easter Sunday. You can only imagine how devastated Joe's family is. One day he is feeling great, ready to come home, and 12 hours later he is gone.

Tomorrow evening, Tuesday the 14th, Wilma and I will be going to the funeral home to see Joe one last time, console the family that we have known for the last 30 years, and say a prayer or two. God bless you and welcome your soul in His home, Joe, you will be missed.

A month's worth of "Adventurers" in a week.

Until next week, be safe & God Bless.

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