Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Around the homefront.

Wednesday afternoon, still doing odd jobs around the homefront.

Finished De-winterizing the motorhome yesterday. Found NO water leaks....thank God! I'm really beginning to be a believer that the best way to protect the water lines is by using compressed air and blowing out the water lines. This seems to get every last drop out.

Started to put back the items that stay in the motorhome all summer, such as the dish soap, laundry products and bath and shower products. These cannot stay in there for the winter so I have a check off list to follow so not to overlook any of the items.

Tomorrow we might start putting in the food we want to take for our "week end get a way".

Until next safe and God Bless.

Oh yes, I see that my ol Navy buddy Dick and his lovely wife Connie has stopped by lately. Hi guys, sure would like to get together again. We are planning a vacation to Virginia Beach in July to visit the ol stomping grounds in Norfolk and the surrounding areas. Interested?

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Howdy neighbor from across the lake. That winterizing or de-winterizing has never been one of my favorite things. Our theory is to leave before freeze-up & stay south for as long as we can to avoid all that. Well, sounds good in theory anyway but doesn't always work out that way..........