Saturday, May 23, 2009

Friday….First day of Vacation?

Friday, May 22nd.

Notice the question mark on the article title? What that means is that this is one of those dreaded “work” vacations.

I’ve had to do it in the past. You know, when the work around the home gets to the point of almost overwhelming you? Well, it’s happened again. So I’ve decided to take next week off. As Monday is Memorial Day, and a paid holiday, it won’t count as a vacation day. I’m only using 4 vacation days and end up with a total of 9 days off. A good deal for me if I can say so myself.

First we celebrated Brooks Birthday. The family gathered at Angels home, we bought the pizza and she furnished everything else.


Here is Brooke with her Pizza.

To see all the pictures taken click on this link to our Photo Album.

She received a good sum of CASH…just what a young 9 year old wanted!

Saturday, May 23rd.

I’m using a new to me program for this entry. It’s called Windows Live Writer, a free program that can be downloaded from Microsoft. It seems pretty neat and I can do some things that Blogger won’t let me do. So this is why the entries may look a little different than in the past.

Today was dedicated to working on the Motor Home. Started around 9:30am with bringing the batteries up from the basement to install in the MH. The engine battery checked out great, however, I have two “coach” deep cycle batteries and only one checked out good. So for now I just hooked up the good one, as our next trip we will have power and won’t be relying on battery power for the coach. Next job was an oil change and new filter, and a complete grease job including the drive shaft universals. That took longer than expected as I had to make a run to the local auto store to purchase the oil and filter. As I had an abundance of dead batteries, I took one of them along and dropped it off at the auto store. Oil and grease job completed, checked and all ok except the overflow tank for the radiator. Seemed too low for me as it was below the “cold” mark on the overflow tank. A half gallon of 50/50 mix and the level now stands between the cold and hot lines. Started the engine and let it idle until it was up to operating temperature. Noted that the air compressor reached it’s set pressure for the rear air bags and shut off. Great! Everything looks good so far. Now tomorrow I must keep my fingers crossed and tackle the water system. Always a little scared when I first turn on the pump and check for any “winter freeze up damage”. It's now 4:30pm and I'm going to call it a day.

It's now 8pm and we just received a phone call from Wilma’s cousin. It seems as though her new boyfriend may have had a heart attack! The guy looks like he’s fit, no extra luggage around the mid drift, like I have, and only in his 50’s. Seems he was working in his yard today pretty long and hard. The temperature in Ky. was above average in the mid 80’s. He hadn’t been drinking enough fluids and thought he may be having a little heat exhaustion, then his left arm started hurting real bad. He was taken to the local hospital and they transferred him to a larger hospital some 60 miles away from his home. Needless to say, Wilma is quite worried. We both are praying for his return to good health, and we ask for your prayers also.

More adventures to follow, until then, be safe and God Bless.

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