Wednesday, May 13, 2009

No Cement Today!

You just can't imagine how frustrated Wilma and I are at this time.

Yesterday it was talked about between Dale, (our cement guy) and us about his plans for today. He told us he would be here at 7:30am. The Cement truck will be here by 8am. Wilma told him that she has grand kids to take to school at different times in the morning, and that she wouldn't be able to wait hours for the delivery of the cement.
Dale assured us that the cement would arrive between 7:45 and 8am. Fine we said, the driver can submit the bill to Wilma and she will write him a check for the full amount.

I mentioned to him that they are calling for rain around 5pm. He assured me that the cement would be ok as he was going to have a "stiff" mix. Meaning a mix with firm concrete, not much water added so the set up time would be quicker.

All was agreed upon and the last words from him was, see you in the morning.

Fast forward now to this morning at 8am. I get a phone call from Wilma. "Didn't Dale say he would be here before 8am? And isn't the cement truck supposed to be here before 8am? Yes I assured her, what are you saying...another "no show" from Dale? Yes, he isn't here and I have to get Brooke off to school now! I told her to leave and I would call Dale.

Phone call to Dale.....Dale...where the hell are you? I uh, got a call this morning from my brother in law, and he said it was supposed to be raining by 8am, so I called off the pour today.

Dale, it's 8:05 and the sun is shinning! I told you last night what the weather is going to be today. We had another understanding you broke!

(Now I'm smokin mad!)

Dale...didn't you even think of calling Wilma and telling her you called off the pour today, so she wouldn't be pacing the floors waiting for you and the cement delivery? She is really trying to accommodate you between taking the grand kids to school. This is really pissing me off Dale! This is now the third time you told us something and went back on your word!

He stuttered a little and said I guess I could of poured today huh? Well I'll get my help together and we should be there by noon.

Forget it Dale! That's going to be too late with storms moving in by 5pm. Even I know that! You are going to have to do the pour either Thursday afternoon when the storms will be gone, or Friday morning.

Well ok. I'll see you then Dale said. That's when I hung up.

Damn it, I'm usually an easy going guy, but this guy really got me hot this morning when I heard he stood me up again for no good reason at all. And to make things worse, this time he affected my family, my wife and grand kids, not just me and the neighbor.

Now I understand why this guy is un-employed! If I owned a business and an employee did this to me he would be long gone and forgotten about.

Well I feel I got this off my chest, and now it's time for a glass of red wine.....well....maybe 2 glasses of red wine!

Another adventure, until next time, be safe and God Bless.

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Did it MY way said...

Of course you are going to tip him for a job well done in the end?lol
Sometimes you just want to kick a little a**.
Hope it finally gets done before winter.