Friday, May 15, 2009

Finally! The sidewalk is DONE!

Holy Smokes what an ordeal!

It's finally completed!

And we have been given our final approval from the City!

How happy am I you may be asking? Well, the neighbor, Kevin & his wife Lois, along with Wilma and I are going out to the "Fire House" for dinner and a few "adult refreshments" to celebrate the end of this nightmare.

After dinner, we will settle up on the concrete bill. Total amount of concrete was 9 yards. I had 8 flags of sidewalk replaced, which measured 5ft. X 5ft. X 4in. thick. Now for all those who know how to do the math, you will know how much I actually used, and Kevin used the rest of the load.

One last standing ordeal I have to do yet. That is to return to Court to face the Judge and show that the sidewalk in question has been replaced.

I missed the last scheduled date of appearance which was for May 7th. The City attorney requested a 60 day extension, as they, the city, failed to remove the tree roots that is blocking the replacement of the sidewalk. This was awarded to us by the Judge and we were re-scheduled for July 7th.

I just got off the phone with the District Court and have been rescheduled to appear on June 11th. I really want to get this final episode closed once and for all.

Now I really hope the Judge will go easy on me and not fine me Court costs like the last time!

So....another adventure completed. Until next time be safe & God Bless.

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