Friday, May 8, 2009

The Work Begins on the Sidewalk.

The Sidewalk Work Begins. This morning around 9am Dale showed up with his brother-in-law to start removing the remaining bad sections of sidewalk. They have a Ford 150 with a utility trailer. They are busting up the cement with a sledge. labor intensive is that! I mentioned to him that there are enough neighbors in this sub division to keep them both busy all summer. He said that would be great, and that he might look into renting a Bob Cat and small truck in the future. I then told him the other neighbor needs some sidewalk replaced but she is waiting to see his final work before she takes his bid for her job, if he is interested.

I have to do the Walmart thing to order a new pair of sunglasses. So I'm gone for part of the day today.

2pm. Friday

I’m back from Walmart, CVS, and a haircut. Been gone 3 hours and no Dale. I guess he thinks he can do more in a day than what is possible.

It took the pharmacy at Walmart an hour to tell me they cannot charge me one deductable for my prescription, as there is a 3 month supply on the prescription. What? Medco only charges one deductable! So an hour was wasted there.

3:30pm. Dale arrives!

Dale arrives with his 2X4’s and the yard of sand. Gave me the bill for the sand, $18.00. I gave him $20.00 & keep the change. He then asked me if my neighbor would be willing to advance him some of the labor payment so he has money to haul away his broken concrete. I had to tell him he would have to talk to him about that as I can’t speak for him.

Later after Dale left, Wilma & I were leaving to get my brother and his wife a carry out for dinner. My neighbor pulled up and I went over to tell him Dale will be calling him. I told him what was on Dale’s mind, Kevin, my neighbor, said he will front him some of the labor to cover the cost of hauling away the concrete. Great I said, that will make Dale happy.

7:30pm. Back home from dinner.

We had a great chicken dinner with my brother and his wife Margie. Back home now ready to relax for the evening, maybe watch some TV.

I’m writing this blog entry on a new program I downloaded called Windows Live Writer. It looks pretty easy to use and hopefully it will do what it’s supposed to do as far as updating my Blog.

2009-05-08 Sidewalk 041

Dale & his Brother in Law working on removing the old sidewalk.

2009-05-08 Sidewalk 043

Forms being installed. The tree that was the cause of all this work is on the right of this picture. You can only see where the trunk has been grounded out to make room for the new sidewalk.

Tomorrow morning Dale said he wants to rent a “Jack Hammer” to remove Kevin’s bad sidewalk. I wish him luck as there are 14 flags which are 5ft. X 5ft.

We, meaning Wilma and I are going “Flower shopping”.

So until our next adventure, be safe and God Bless.

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