Thursday, May 7, 2009

Getting an un-easy feeling.

Wednesday evening Dale, the concrete man, phoned and said that Steven had turned the sidewalk replacement over to him. That he was going to be at my home at 9am Thursday morning to remove the sidewalk that needs to be replaced and put up the forms. That I should call Thursday morning for the inspector to come out first thing Friday morning so he (Dale) could start to pour the concrete.

Well, this morning came and passed. I told Wilma to call me at work when Dale arrives. No call from her until she was frantic.

The "blight officer" from the city came out to take pictures. (The same shots that are on the last blog posting). Wilma asked what was going on and he informed her that I was to be in court today! Wow! What! No Way!!!! I haven't been sent any notice from the courts to appear, I have purchased my permit, and work is in progress.
He didn't seem to care much, telling Wilma that if I cannot appear maybe she should appear. She informed him we haven't been sent any notice to appear in court. His answer...well I have been and I advise you to be there.

By this time Wilma was furious! She demanded what he expects us to do as the work is in progress! His answer....well I guess I can ask the judge to give you leniency and ask for a 30 day extension.

So, after she phoned me almost in tears from talking with this damn fool, I now fret of having the police at my door with a warrant for my arrest! Am I in contempt of court?

Darn it anyway,...I considered myself to be an honest, law abiding citizen. How can this be happening to me!

Needless to say I was pretty hot by the time I arrived home from work and still NO Dale and nothing more done on the sidewalk. Now I'm looking like a fool in my neighbors eyes because yesterday after talking to Dale and hearing his schedule, I phoned my neighbor and informed him.

I just had to call Dale. Asked him what's going on. "My truck broke down today, but it's fixed now". I guess I should of called and let you know.

Well yea that would of been nice. And also I'm glad I didn't do as you ordered me to do about calling the inspector! Would of made me look like a damn fool if he arrived first thing tomorrow morning and your not ready! One thing I have learned in my 59 years is you don't screw around with the inspectors! How pissed do you think he would of been?

I told him I expect him first thing in the morning, as I will be here waiting!

There is no doubt that he understands how pissed off I am about this. And if he isn't hear by 9am tomorrow morning he is done! I'll find someone else to do the job.

Darn it all anyway....this sidewalk thing is getting on my last nerve! And will I ever be glad and rest easier when it's all over and done with!

Maybe tomorrow I'll have more pictures to post and another update.....that is if I'm not arrested! Think I'll be able to sleep tonight????? NO WAY!

Hope your day went better than mine, and until next time, be safe and God Bless.

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