Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Busy, Busy, Way too Busy!

Where do I begin....lets start from last Thursday, June 18th
We were getting the last of the items we needed for taking 3 of the Grand kids camping. I pulled the MH onto the side street so I would be able to hook up the car dolly. Got it hooked up and then loaded the Malibu onto the dolly. Wilma said she was going over to get the Grand kids and by the time she returned I should be ready.
Well no it didn't work out that way. I had trouble attaching the straps to the front tires and buckling them down. The ratchet was too far into the wheel well between the tire and the front bumper, I just could not get it to lock in. It was getting warm, the sweat was starting to leave my body, and my last nerve was being tested.
Wilma arrives with the Grand kids ready to leave. I had to give up and we ended leaving the dolly and car home.

Off to our resort in Davison, MI for a weekend of fun.
We arrived around 2pm. Found a campsite and began setting up. Pulled the awning out and "BANG" the tension spring broke. The awning unrolled with added speed. Trying to hold in and not show my temper, I had to think, well its 13 years old with no problems, I guess it has served me well.

With all the excitement Dakota and Savannah just couldn't decide what to do first. Needless to say we all had fun and were completely wore out by 8pm.

Friday, June 19th.
We walked and walked.... Only having 2 bikes we decided we could use the exercise and let the kids use the bikes. Boy O Boy are we out of shape! We had to of walked at least 20 miles today. Evening came with a campfire and "Pa's" really happened ghost story. All hands were in bed by 9:30pm.

Saturday, June 20th.
Was kept awake for at least 3 hours as a strong thunderstorm went through. Today was warm, sunshine all day, just a perfect day. We all did just about everything the park had to offer. Wilma and I did take control of the bikes when we went anywhere though. Our legs were too sore to do much walking today. Another campfire with smores and hot ham & cheese were enjoyed by all. Another wonderful day making memories.

Sunday, June 21st. HAPPY FATHERS DAY!
Another night of thunder storms, lost about 2 hours sleep this night. By morning the sun was shinning and it was another perfect day! We were so lucky and fortunate.
I made a phone call to my dad to wish him a happy fathers day. I could tell it in his voice something was wrong. He said mom hadn't gotten out of bed as of yet and it was 11:30am. She is really sick, might have to call 911. you need me I'm at the campground and won't be home for at least 2 hours. No don't come home, Judy (my sister) will be over here in a half hour after church. OK I said, call me and let me know how she is doing later.
This had me considerably concerned and they were on my mind all the way home.
Arriving home I called Judy to find out what was going on. They admitted Mom to the hospital, she has pneumonia and possibly other things wrong.
Judy and I set up our "duty" evenings, meaning every other evening we would go see Mom in the hospital, help her with supper, put in her eye drops, and just make sure she is comfortable for the evening. Dad would go see her just before lunch, staying through lunch and leaving around 1pm.
The Grand kids each thanked us for such fun all weekend camping and Wilma took them home while I unloaded the MH.

Monday, June 22nd.
After working 9 hours and arriving home I changed and headed out to the hospital. Mom was pretty much "out of it". Being confused why she is there, not knowing how to breath through the oxygen nose piece, and wheezing ever so often. Her bed had an alarm if she fell or tried to get out of it, as she was placed on a "fall alert".
I helped her with dinner. She ate just about enough food to keep a large bird alive. After 3 hours I left for home. It's been a long, long day. Exhausted I was in bed by 9pm.

Tuesday, June 23rd.
All day at work thinking of Mom, the vacation coming up in July, and the Tow Dolly not working for me. I arrived home and started measuring the heights of the tow dolly and the ball on the bike hitch. The dolly was level at 16 inches height. The ball on the bike hitch was at 19 inches. That explains it! So off to "General Trailer" to purchase another hitch, preferably an adjustable one.

Success, purchased one, installed it on the MH, hooked up the tow dolly and loaded the Malibu. Tire straps went on with no problems. Relieved that I can now take my car with us on our vacation next month, I entered the house around 7pm.

Wilma told me of a fantastic thing Savannah did today! Tina took her to get her first hair cut, and being 5 years old her hair had a length down to the middle of her back. The hair stylist told Savannah of a program that was for donating hair to little children who have Cancer and have lost all there hair. And with the amount of hair Savannah wanted cut off she would be making 2 little children be able to have hair. Savannah said yes she would like to donate her hair! Her mom, Tina had tears in her eyes, she was so touched. Kinda put a lump in my throat also as Wilma was telling me the story. What a wonderful thing little Savannah had done. Before they left the salon, they took Savannah's name and address. I would presume she will be getting a little thank you card from the organization that makes the wigs for those little children with Cancer.

Wednesday, June 24th.
Another HOT 9 hour work day today, temperatures hitting the mid 90's. Got home and noticed some of the grass had been cut. What a surprise, Wilma had cut some of it before it got too hot outside. I was not feeling quite up to par so Wilma took my blood reading to see where my sugar was. It read 135.....a bit on the high side I think. Usually it runs low when I feel this way. But within a half hour of eating I was feeling better and off I went to see Mom. She is doing a little better this evening. The Dr. said she might go home tomorrow. Then she said she got out of breath and thought she was having a heart attack just walking to the bathroom, which is only about 7 feet from her bed. Three nurses came and immediately put on a face mask with the oxygen hooked to it. This seemed to help her and she felt better within an hour. I mentioned that I didn't think the Dr. would release her tomorrow as she is just not strong enough. Maybe in a couple days.
We had a nice Mother and Son visit, tending to her needs, both feeling good when I left 3 hours after arrival.
It's now 10pm, I've just got to get to bed, as I'm just bushed today again. I will be adding pictures maybe tomorrow of the camping trip. (Seems like we took a ton of em).

Sorry for such a delay in's been way too Busy, Busy, Way too Busy!

Until our next adventure, be safe and God Bless.

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