Tuesday, June 16, 2009

What a Surprise and Honor!

Every evening before going to bed, I look at the Statcounter to see how many hits I had on our Blog. I'm lucky most days at only getting 2, sometimes as many as 6 hits a day. Can you imagine my shock and surprise when I saw that there were 30 hits today? I thought....what happened, something must be going hay wire with Statcounter. But after looking at the list of hits I noticed my fellow blogger Al from "the bayfieldbunch" had hit often.

I immediatly went to his Blog, http://thebayfieldbunch.com and was surprised and honored to be mentioned in his blog!

I called for Wilma. WILMA.... (Yes I'm almost starting to sound like the Fred Flintstone cartoon)... She came running into the room as I read Al's blog to her. Shock, Laughter, Surprise, just a few of the emotions that swept through her.

Thank you Al....you made our day. Hopefully we will meet you and Kelly somewhere down the road, maybe in a campground, resort, or maybe even Quartside, AZ. some winter.

When I got home from work today my plan was to install the Digital converters for the two TV's that are in the Motor Home. I just know if it rains this week end, the 3 grand kids will be inside wanting to watch TV.

As I couldn't reach the back side of the TV to remove the cable, I had to pull the TV out of it's mounting. I'm glad there was enough slack on the power cord and cable to allow me to set the TV on the Co-Pilot's seat!

Withing a half hour the TV was back in it's mount above the dash, with the new Digital converter box installed. Keeping my fingers crossed I turned on the power to check if all is working. Went through the menu setting it up, the box found 15 stations, and all looked like it was working. But wait a minute....what was that light shinning on the left side of the screen from top to bottom. Couldn't be the sunshine, nope, wrong color. This was a bright white line about an inch wide going from the top to the bottom of the tube. Ratts! now the TV is going to bite the dust. Oh well, another job in the near future, changing out to a Digital TV.
I'm going to go back to Al's posts because if I'm correct, he replaced his TV with a Digital TV last year and the outcome was great!

The rear bedroom TV was hooked up to its converter box with no problems at all. The picture looks great. But I can see we will be replacing that one too in the near future.

It's getting late, work tomorrow morning, so I'm off to bed.

Until our next adventure, be safe and God Bless.
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Rick and Paulette said...

Hi, I was one of those who was led to your blog by Al's post, so I've added you to my list of Blogs I Follow as well. Good luck, and I'll be following along with your adventures.